A habit of obsessing.

We humans have an inborn habit of obsessing. Some of them are present through all generations. Some become viral in no time until we get bored of it and forget about it. Some are culture centric, some follow gender. But obsessions are a part of our daily lives. Good or bad, well I am not here to judge. After all the greatest minds in the world were obsessed with something. From Galileo Galilei to Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings were obsessed with their field of work, and this has helped to make our world a better place. But ones like Hitler’s obsession with ending the Jewish race or in the modern world an extremist thinking of creating a
new world order have caused and still continue to cause a lot of damage.

Here is my list of some of the biggest obsessions we have:

  • Social Media Obsessions: Ever since the advent of social media we have seen some obsession. From facebook display pictures to twitter hashtags, some obsession in social media form is omnipresent in our lives. As of now we are in the selfie phase, which personally is getting a bit on my nerves. The form of social media obsession will change from time to time, but as long as social media is present, it will give us some obsession.
  • Ranks, records: This obsession is common in every culture. Our obsession with ranks and records is present in every field of life. Sport statistics are driven by records like the maximum runs, top goal scorer etc. In cricket a whole country was fascinated by certain legends 100th century. Resumes and applications to colleges have special places for academic records. Records are what define our heroes and to a certain extent our lives.
  • Lives of celebrities: If  I had to vote for the worst obsession human beings have, this would be at the top of my list. Our world is obsessed with the lives of celebrities. Right from from their haircuts to where they are shopping to pretty much every aspect of  their lives people are obsessed. They make headlines of entertainment news.
  • UFOs, ghosts and aliens: This is one obsession that has been there for generation. We are obsessed with the unknown. UFOs and aliens have created countless conspiracy theories, some understandable others incredulous. Even mythological Gods have been thought of as aliens! Ghosts and the existence of supernatural beings drive popular TV shows and have resulted in blockbuster movies. We always fear that abandoned warehouse, the graveyard or even a deserted street in the middle of the night.


A thought comes to mind. History teaches us many things. One lesson we can take is maybe its better to draw a line between interest and obsession. Let us show interest in the good things and thoughts. Let us not allow it to become something that dictates our day to day lives.

Au Revoir!



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