An Ode To Death

Poetry has always fascinated me. Though I am not much of a poet, I tried my hand at it a few years back. This is called “An Ode to Death”

This World lives and dies in loneliness

Who knows what lies tomorrow.

The voice in my mind tells me a truth

One that cannot be denied.

The only thing we know for sure

Death will come to us one day.


Such is the cruelty of life,

I don’t know the hour when it will strike.

My destiny I am not afraid of you

Neither do I fear, nor chastise you.

All I wish is that I knew what you are.

Are you as warm as the morning sun?

Which fills me with life on a winter day.

Or as cold as the mountain winds,

That tends to freeze even the warmest of things.

Are you as beautiful as the new-born child?

Whose simple smile brings tear to thy eye.

Or as ugly as the medieval beast

Whose horrid sight brings men to their knees.


Then suddenly something strikes my mind

And I realise that I am wasting my time.

It is your mystery that adds to your enigma,

Your charm and the warmth of your persona.

Death you aura shall never fade.

We shall meet, when my destiny becomes fate.



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