A thought on “Sadness”

Emotions are a part of human psychology. Some of us try to hide them. Others express them with a lot of openness. But one thing we can’t deny is that we do feel them.

An overwhelming yet strange emotion is sadness. Often in life we experience a certain amount of “heaviness” inside us. There are situations when we feel overwhelmed with grief or sorrow. This is when we are sad.

I can hardly remember the first time I felt sad. I don’t even recall being sad as a kid. I guess children are never sad. They oscillate between states of sadness and happiness for a variety of reasons, sometimes for no reasons at all. But they are never sad. So is sadness an emotion we understand as we grow older?

We cannot keep sadness out of our lives though. Sometimes sadness out of our lives though. Sometimes sadness is temporary. In certain cases its permanent. But we do experience it at certain stages in our lives. A monk who has left his/her family and close ones behind in search of God feels sad. After all he /she is ultimately a human being.

The ultimate truth is this. No matter how much we resent sadness, it is a part of our life cycle. What we need to realize is that sadness is a necessity. It is the sad times in our lives that make us stronger human beings. More importantly the happy times in life are cherished more if we have experienced sadness before.

Note: A special mention to the bloggers who started following Abstractiv. Thank You Christine Fichtner ,Brian Marggraf ,Shawn L. Bird  and Jarosław PlayWithLifE  from the bottom of my heart.  Also thanks to bloggers for their individual likes on the “Ode to death” poetry. Here is hoping more bloggers find this space interesting.



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