Weather, mood and the balance needed in both.

Its raining here in my hometown. And after a really hot summer day, this is a welcome change of weather. Somehow I couldn’t ignore another change. After a really miserable day, I feel really happy.

I have no reason to be happy. A horrendous week, where I have struggled with my health, got worse today with a dose of personal hell. And to top that off my sports team lost a tournament final today. For some reason I blame the extreme heat for the miserable time that I am going through. I have been really irritable, which I don’t feel most times I am not keeping well. In fact I even blame the heat for the prolonged ailment. And now when I feel the cool breeze blowing into my room and the drops of rain falling down on the roof, somehow I feel cheerful again. I feel refreshed and the long-lost energy seems to be flowing through me again.

It’s not the first time I have found a link between weather and my mood. Winter is my favourite season. I enjoy the cold( and it gets really cold where I live).  So whenever its cold, I feel my energetic best. It’s as if none of the trials and tribulations of life can dampen my mood. Spring and autumn make me feel relaxed, and summer makes me miserable. I don’t know  if weather and people’s mood are related. But I know for sure my mood is affected by weather.

An analogy between weather and mood is the balance that needs to exist in both of them. Too much heat, too much rain, too much cold all are harmful. A balance of all types of weather allows our ecosystem to flourish and helps sustain life on our planet. Similarly a person cannot feel happy when something bad is happening around him, or feel sad if something great has occurred in his life. Right mood at the right time, just like right weather during the right season.

The rain has now stopped, but it has done its part. The weather has cooled down. And now me and the people of my town will have a comfortable night’s sleep.

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The inspiration for this post came from Daily Prompt | Climate Control


7 thoughts on “Weather, mood and the balance needed in both.

  1. Interesting analogy! I also like winter – the colder it is, the better – but the problem arises when there’s snowfall followed by sleet, and the slippery sidewalks, etc. When it’s too hot I am in the pool, and when I’m out of the pool I hydrate myself as much as possible – the mood swings stay but good moments obscure bad ones 🙂

  2. None that dwells in a place like ours could have ever let this go amiss. It is the most inexplicable of relations and I myself could never put it into words, the number of times I tried…

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