A Place Where I Want To Be

I started meditating three years ago. When I meditate I think of a place which calms me down. This place has no name, and is a work of my imagination. After a long tiring day, I close my eyes and imagine myself in this place, a place that I call my home.

Picture the following scenario. I am lying on my bed when I hear the chirping of birds. I gently open my eyes. Its morning and the first rays from the sun have entered my room. I get up from my bed feeling relaxed and fresh. When I look outside my balcony, I can see the widespread lawn leading to a small forest, and in the backdrop a hill with snow on top. Something about this scene brings a smile to my face.

I decide to go hiking. I wear a jacket, a skull-cap and I carry a backpack with me. There are small trees and shrubs in my lawn. As I look around, I see a deer moving around aimlessly. It sees me, and scared, decides to run into the forest. I too start walking down the road which leads to the forest. As I move deeper into the cover the trees, I enjoy the vagaries of nature. The smell of water drops on the ground tells me that it rained at night. I hear various types of birds chirping, some I know, most I don’t. The rays of the sun barely reach the ground, but there is enough light to sustain all forms of life in this little ecosystem.

I have now walked out of the forest and reached foot of the snow-covered hill. It’s not a steep climb, yet when I start scaling it I realize its getting colder. And somehow, I don’t mind it. Finally I reach the top of the hill. The snow is pure white. and the sky blue. The sun rays are warm, yet not enough to melt the snow. I take a breath, and put down my back-pack. Ā I brought with myself a flask with coffee. I pour my coffee and look into the horizon. This is my place, my own world. There is no other human. Only me and the flora and fauna of my ecosystem.

I relax and enjoy the sound of silence. This is the place where I always want to be. A place that gives me peace and tranquility.


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