Daily Prompt: Rage Rage Rage

I normally don’t express my emotions a lot. Most times I am able to keep my emotions in check, whether I am happy, sad or any other emotion. But one emotion occasionally gets the better of me: Rage.

It has happened to me on quite a few occasions. Sometimes an insult has led to this emotion, sometimes irritation. At times it has been frustration. Whatever the reason, the end product of rage has never been good. Twice I ended up beating someone. I have lost friends to rage. And whatever the end result, I always ended up feeling bad for expressing my emotion so violently.

To anyone who is reading this and has a similar issue, I really hope you are making an honest effort to tone down this emotion. I had started with meditation 3 years back, and it has helped me a lot. Hopefully in the coming years, I will be able to completely control my rage. Like I mentioned in a previous Article, a balance of emotion is needed for harmony in life.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rage Rage Rage

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