Daily Prompt: Joy Of Isolation In Your Room

If you ever want to remove yourself from the world and go into a shell, the best place is a room where you know you shall be at peace.

But what do you want in such a room? And what if this were some magical room gifted to you, but has a catch. If you put more than three things into it, the room will automatically disappear. What would those three things be? Here is what I would want.

I know that whenever I have to isolate myself from this world, I would always want music to be my only companion. Thus I will be using a bit of creative liberty here. My room is sound proof and has an inner chamber. This inner chamber is separated from the rest of the room with a see through glass wall. It has a recording device, and PC with a good record and mixing software installed.

So what are the three things I would bring into this room? Number one would be a semi-acoustic guitar.  The thought behind my room is that I want to compose when I am in isolation. My guitar is my composing partner. Whenever I want to write down a song, my guitar brings robustness to my thought. With it I can find the right tune to my song, and my lyrics will be based on that tune( happy, sad, angry etc.).

Second thing I would put into the room is an amplifier. This amplifier will be the best available on the market, so that the sound that comes out of the box is clean and again adds versatility to the music I am producing.

The third an final thing would be my precious little notebook. Afterall if I don’t write down the lyrics to my song, I will forget. :P. This notebook is my lyrical canvas, where I write and re-write everything I have written, until I am satisfied with the end product.

So, this is what my breathing room will look like. I can stay here for months or years if I want to. 🙂


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