Loser Eddy: Pilot | A Man’s best friend?

A three-part chronicle, that will tell about Eddy and his three big losses. In this first part Eddy has to deal with a heartbreak, early in his life.

Eddy Planck Maxwell ( Oh God! What a name), is a 5-year-old boy living in suburban Calcutta. Son of Constance, a homemaker and Benjamin, a professor in English, he is their only child. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he has and always gets what he demands for. He loves his parents, but he absolutely adores his dog, Prince.

Prince is 3-year-old German Shepard, and he is magnificent. When Prince takes a stroll down suburban roads, everybody stares in awe at his magnificence. Prince and Eddy share an awesome chemistry. Eddy has a quirky habit. He is really careless, and has the habit of losing things. However, a lot of times when Eddy misplaced his things, Prince finds them and brings them back. For Eddy, Prince is his hero and saviour. A friend he can trust. 🙂

One day, Ben after returning home from work, asks for Constance and Eddy to sit down with him. He says he has a big news. Ben has just been offered a job at a high in London. He is very excited about the opportunity, and informs them that they will leave for England in three days. Eddy is too young to understand where or what London is. He is happy to see his parents happy. However Ben tells him(with a great deal of difficulty), that Prince cannot come with them and they have to give him away. Eddy gets really angry, turns red and starts crying. He says his parents, if Prince can’t come with them, he won’t go too. He goes into his room and locks himself.

For the next day Eddy doesn’t eat properly. He doesn’t talk to his parents. All he does is show his anger in fits of crying and shouting. Finally not being able to bear this, Ben and Constance give up and tell Eddy that, they will find a way to bring Prince with them. Eddy is really happy, and in a show of love hugs his parents. Eddy goes with his parents to the market, for some last-minute shopping they have to do. They ask their domestic help to take Prince out for a walk.

When they come back, Raj, their domestic help informs them that Prince has run away. As Eddy starts crying again, Ben and Constance run onto the roads to look for Prince. Finally after a frantic search, they find Prince in the local park. He is with another dog, a girl German Shepard. The owner of the girl dog says that Prince and Layla just bonded. Ben calls for Prince, but he doesn’t listen. Eddy goes to Prince, and tries to pull him with his little hands, but he too fails. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Ben talks to the owner of Layla and explains their situation to him. He agrees to take in Prince, and Prince doesn’t mind it. Eddy, with tears rolling down his eyes, says goodbye to Prince, and leaves with his parents.

Eddy is crestfallen. Nothing seems to console him. When Ben tries to console his child, Eddy asks him”Dad, you said ‘A Dog is a man’s best friend. Then why did he leave me?”

Ben gives an epic answer:”Son it’s not your fault. You are still a kid, not a man.”

Years later, Eddy hears a song which reminds him of his once beloved Prince.

“Tears stream down your face, when you lose something you cannot replace”

Song: Fix You, Artist: Coldplay

Tears roll down Eddy’s face as he remembers the cherished memories of his Prince.

Footnote: Eddy’s name is inspired from “Eddy current”, a type of “loss” in Electromagnetism. His middle and last name are tributes to two great scientists, Max Planck and James Clerk Maxwell.


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