Daily Prompt: Gone with the windfall

What would you do if you suddenly inherited 1,000,000$? Here is my story.

So let me get straight to the point. I had a dream two nights before. And I dreamt my aunt had left me a fortune, precisely 1,000,000$. In my dream the first thought had been what would I do with the money. But before I could decide, I woke from my deep slumber.

Later that day, when I was sitting home idly, I thought what I would do if this dream became a reality. Lot of things crossed my mind, and at one point, I even thought that I would keep the money to myself :P. After a while I realized that the best thing to do with the money would be to invest it.

But what should I invest it in? I initially thought I would set up my own business, but then setting up your own business is tough, and right now I don’t really see myself as an entrepreneur. Instead I decided to invest the money in something that I quite passionate about and in the long run would benefit our planet. The field I am referring to is development of renewable sources of energy. I didn’t really take a call on what type of renewable resource I would invest in, but I could more or less bring it down to solar or wind energy.

All this was thought from one dream I had. But this actually made me promise something to myself. If I do manage to earn a sizeable amount of money someday, and if there is still a need, then this is where I would put in a percentage of my money. And this is a field where I personally would like more contributions from the privileged people in our world. I hope they realize that it is in their best interests that these renewable sources are used to meet the world’s energy needs. Not only would our planet be cleaner and healthier, but it’s long-term future would also be safeguarded.

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Daily Prompt | Gone with the windfall


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Gone with the windfall

  1. You raise an interesting question, and ultimately come up with a generous and peaceful solution. BTW I really like your black and white header photo.

    • Thank you for the thought. I thought this was a good oppurtunity to write about something which I feel is quite necessary and needs to be taken seriously by us.
      And thank you for appreciating my page layout. 🙂

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