Daily Prompt: False Promises

This is a post about how a group of people as a collective chose to see something superficially. A mistake that has cost them dearly.

Never judge a book by its cover.” 

This is perhaps the first quote I remember from childhood years. As kids we always have a tendency to judge things based on their outward projection, rather than what is on the inside. Once as a 5-year-old kid, I screamed at a relative who just had plastic surgery done to her face. That is when my dad( the wise man that he is ) first told me the above lines. Over the years my teachers reiterated this thought. I can understand a child making such a judgement. He/she is still naive. But when adults make such a mistake, even if it is collectively, they are responsible for the consequences.

I live in a democratic country in a province which takes pride in giving my country its intellectuals. For years our province was governed by a political party which although Left wing in principle, was very moderate in its outlook. Initially people voted because of their work, and in the last decade because there was no other alternative. So when a political person promised an alternative, people took notice. I was one of them who took to her thoughts. And although some of the promises seemed incredulous, I along with the majority of  my state, decided to “vote for change”. We should have been more careful. This person and  the organisation did not have a good track record. Neither did their party have any proven political leader. Yet we voted for them and gave them the responsibility of governing our state.

And three years in, we are reaping the consequences of our mistake. In a democratic country, our province does not enjoy certain key fundamental rights. Right to speech is one of them. For voicing your opinion against government policies, you are either labelled a terrorist or worse face threats of various form. This a dictatorship within a democracy, where nothing is possible(even if it is an urgent requirement) without the Minister’s blessing. This person is the Government, and every decision is ultimately this person’s personal decision. They say our state is bankrupt. Yet they find money to waste on meaningless celebrations. I can go on about countless other things. But the bottom line is that none of the promises have been fulfilled in these three years, nor do I see any chance of them being fulfilled.

Lets hope when the next elections come around, we as a group come to our senses and realise our mistake. Otherwise the day is not far when our province turns into a “North Korea” or “Taliban controlled Afghanistan” , places where civilization is centuries behind the modern world.

Footnote: The author is neither a part of nor does he support any political party. He is an educated and conscious citizen of the world, who is deeply worried about a place and community he loves.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: False Promises

  1. Excellent post. Almost terrifying the consequences. It must be so frustrating not to be able to voice your beliefs and concerns. We had a similar situation to a much catastrophic degree here in Gibraltar about twenty years ago, and it worried me that it took so long for people to realise how bad things had become. Good luck.

    • Yes. The worst part is when educated people criticise policies in an open debate, the reply is they are antusocials. It’s an example of how we should choose leaders with a lot of thought.
      Thank you for the comment. 🙂

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  3. Things are changing in the United States; which in my opinion is not for the good of this nation. This may bring joy to many around the world who see us as nothing more than an imperial power, but let it be known that if the American government can reach to so many places in the world, what can it do to their own citizenry? The people voted for change; but really got much of the same. The current President Barack Obama maligned the former George W. Bush and his party for helping grow the surveillance state with the legislation called the Patriot Act.

    We are constantly harassed when attempting to travel on airplanes with the TSA agency physically groping citizens for “safety”, we have border agents stopping American citizens with road blocks to harass them to ask them if they are American citizens, “Papers, please.” The current President ran on eliminating this type of government; however, once in power, he realized its usefulness to his administration.

    You may think it’s safe here with our laws and constitution as a republic protecting the freedom of speech as I am expressing my disdain right now but the administration is currently being investigated (which won’t amount to anything) for using the IRS, the tax collectors, from going after political dissenters of the current administration.

    The people voted for this, in two elections…technically 4 elections…16 years will be the total amount. The last two elections, 8 years, because they wanted “change”. It reminds of a quote from an essay written by one of the founders of our nation, Alexander Hamilton:

    “Had every Athenian citizen been a Socrates, every Athenian assembly would still have been a mob.”

    Which of course means even in a “free” democratic society with the “wisest” of men can still be subject to tyranny.

    • Thank you for your thought and sharing another equally grave situation here. The situation in the rest of my country is much better compared to expressing your thoughts. I and the rest of my state people have the misfortune of living here during these 5 years. However what you have highlighted is true with every country. Lets face it, if to a certain extent every government does a similar thing. But it’s the hypocrisy which makes me angry. Like you, I also come from a democracy which in terms of population is the largest in the world. And here we have similar problems, even with the presence of an act called “Right to information”.
      My biggest beef is with the fact that both the US and India proclaim how democratic they are and how much of an example their elctoral system is to the rest of the world. But in both our countries the “wisest men are still subject to tyranny”.

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