Daily Prompt: An interview with Lisa

Imagine that your favourite piece of art-a famous painting or sculpture, the graphitti next door comes to life. What would be your reaction? Here is what I would do.

Whether you are an expert or a layman, everybody has their favourite piece of art. For some it may be a statue in their neighbourhood, which they see everyday. For others it may be a painting or a portrait, which has some significance in their lives. My favourite piece of work has always been the “Mona Lisa”. Why you ask? The answer to this is tricky, and as a layman I cannot go into technical reasons why it is my favourite art form. I have always found the painting appealing. So whenever I look at it, I always find it “hauntingly beautiful”.

I have always thought to myself, if Mona Lisa suddenly came to life, what questions would I ask her? Well, there is a lot of questions I want to ask. So here is my imaginary interview with Mona Lisa. Due to time constraint( which is quite obvious), I only had the time to put in four very important questions.The answers to the question is what I would like to hear if such an event ever occurred.

Q. Madame, most of us believe that you are a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Is that true?

A. Well, that is partly true. My female half, as in the feminine features and textures of my face are inspired by Lisa Gherardini. But I am not her exact portrait.

Q. So when you say “female half”, are we to believe that there is possibly a “male half” ?

A. Oh Yes, absolutely. See, Leonardo wanted me to be unique, a one of a kind painting. He was one of the very few people at that time, who believed in equal representation of male and female gender. So I am a combination of male and female forms. I represent equality and balance, which is something my creator believed in.

Q. Is there any particular inspiration behind the male form?

A. Yes. It’s Leonardo himself. If you look at some of Leonardo’s self portraits you will find a lot of resemblance in our lower jawline. There are other minute details which will be revealed if you compare me and his portrait closely.

Q. Last question Madame. There is an enigma regarding your expression. People often debate about the mood portrayed in the painting. Can you clarify this for all of us?

A. Well, to be honest with you, the mood is what you perceive it to be. If you think I am happy, I appear happy. If you think I am sad, I appear sad. Sometimes I even appear clever or sly. Leonardo was a master. He wanted me to be a reflection of what the person looking at me is feeling, or what he actually is at heart.


Disclaimer: This is entirely a work of fiction. Apart from the obvious facts, none of  it is true.

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