Daily Prompt: Importance of the old.

We all keep things which are old. But is there any significance attached to that?

All of us like buying new things. And reasons vary. Sometimes we buy for the sake of buying, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes to upgrade etc. But happens to the old thing we replaced? Do we throw it away or recycle it or keep it?

In certain cases I throw out or give away things, specially things like clothes. What I cannot wear will definitely benefit someone, specially a family not as privileged like mine. But there are certain old things that I have kept, which I feel I can never give away.

The first is my first(and only) desktop. My dad gifted it to me 12 years back. Its got an excellent monitor, but has a Pentium 4 processor with a 128 MB RAM and a 60GB hard disk. I stopped using this when in college, I was given a laptop by my college authorities. It was pretty basic for a laptop, but still much better than my PC configuration. Now I have a Dell Inspiron, with the latest configurations. Yet I have kept the PC and my first laptop. I will tell you why, but before that let me talk of my other collection.

The second thing I have kept until now is my Cell phone collection. I started using cell phones in 2007 and have brought a new one every year. Why because I love to keep myself abreast with the latest cell phone technologies. I started using Android phones since 2011. The android versions I have used are “Froyo”, “GingerBread”, “Ice cream sandwich”, “Jelly Bean”. Currently I am using a phone with the latest “KitKat” software. But I still have every one of my previous android phones, all in working condition.

So why do I keep these old things? Well I like to see how much technology has advanced over the years. Since 2002, when I brought my first PC, both computers and cell phones have come a long way. And also when I look at previous versions of technology, I can understand why they were upgraded. Either there was a defect that needed to be fixed, or something better came up, which had to be incorporated for the product to be relevant in this age. It’s fascinating for me, as collecting and keeping old things, actually gives us an opportunity to visualise history.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Importance of the old.

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    • :). I never kept them for the sake of keeping them. It’s more like I was never able to give them away to anyone. Now that I have them around I couldn’t help but notice the change.
      Thank you for the thought. 🙂

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