Daily Prompt: One in every place

Here is something that I would like to see not only in my home town, but in every city.

No city or town in this world is perfect or complete. Every place, no matter how developed it might be, envies something in a rival place. And part of its development is to incorporate that missing aspect within its walls, with more advanced features than its rival.

So if I was a city planner, what would be that one thing I would like to see in my own hometown? I am someone who worries about the development of transport systems. Since population in every town is growing exponentially, the number of vehicles that one sees on roads is rising rapidly too. This leads to numerous traffic jams. Also it is impossible to build new roads at an exponential rate. So what are the possible solutions?

The best possible answer to this problem is something called Metro Rail/ Tube / Subway. Electric high-speed trains that run the length and breadth of a city, and not only reduce traffic jams, but also the time of commute. Kolkata was the first place I saw this Metro Rail, and it has helped solve its traffic problems to a great extent. Since then in my country, New Delhi has built a state of the art subway system that has reduced the pressure on its roadways. Other cities too are following suit. And this is something I would like to see not only in my hometown, but in every city of the world.

So if it is built-in my hometown, not only would I like it to be advanced, but also running on a renewable source of energy. That would make it unique, and a trendsetter in today’s age.

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