The Park

Three people, three lives, one park.

This scene is set in a local park, where people from all walks of life come to relax and clear their head before heading off to their daily lives. Below are thoughts of three different people: C( Investment Banker), W( Script editor), B( Beggar). The time is 7:30 a.m

C: “I love doing my yoga in this place. The early morning atmosphere refreshes me. I like everything here except for these irritating beggars. Why do they need to disturb people in the morning? People like me who have important business meetings everyday. I and my kind are responsible for running this economy. All I want is some peace. Oh God! Why is this one coming towards me. Let me give him some money and get rid of him.( Hands the beggar a few coins. Beggar asks for more). ‘What? I don’t have any more to give you. Now go, leave me alone.’ (Another man comes and gives the beggar some more money). Oh look at him, thinks himself to be some kind of Robin Hood.”

W: “Whenever I have hit a creative wall, this is where I have come for inspiration. And God knows, I need inspiration to write the script for the next episode. Look at that guy, trying to do his yoga. Bet he is one of those rich pompous people, showing off to the rest of the world. Lets see how much money he gives that poor beggar. Oh yes, I knew he was cheap. And look, now he is being rude to that poor old man.( Walks towards the beggar, gives him a good amount of money). That ought to make you look cheap, you scumbag. Hey! I finally have a great idea for my script. ( Runs back to his original seat and starts writing).

B: ” I need some money today morning. Last night I couldn’t find anything to eat. It was cold, so cold. Ah! That guy looks like he can give me some money. ‘Sir, please help the poor. God will be kind to you and your loved ones.’ What! This is nothing. You think I like begging from cheap mongrels like you? I have some respect. ‘Sir, please give me some more. This wont feed an ant.’ Looks like he is going to hit me.( W comes and gives him some money). ‘Thank You Sir, you are so kind.’ This world still has good people then. Now I can get myself something to eat.”


9 thoughts on “The Park

  1. I like your piece. It is really interesting to see things from the different perspectives. I wrote something about Judgment or Compassion with beggars on my blog last week. You might want to check it out. The comments people made are very interesting too.

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