Two Jobs.

Sometimes it’s good to be proud of something you have struggled to achieve.

It was the summer of 2011. I had just completed three years of my engineering course. I was looking forward to the recruitment drive, which normally takes place in the semester gap in our final year. However news came that a lucrative recruiter would come at the start of the year, thus giving competition to another company which recruited a lot of students from our college. So in the third week of July we came to know the dates. The company which took students every year would come in the first week of August. The lucrative recruiter would come the following week, and had informed that it would take only the cream.

I was excited about the lucrative company. However I focussed on the major recruiter, so that I don’t end up missing out on both opportunity. We had an aptitude round, where every student from my batch that was eligible to sit for the recruitment process got through. Two days later, we had one interview round. My interview lasted for about 40 mins, and I knew it went pretty well. So it wasn’t a surprise for me when I got selected, along with a lot of others. I was happy, and we friends celebrated that night as all six of us had got through.

The next day my uncle called me up to congratulate me. When he asked my how I was feeling, I told him relaxed and not interested in sitting for the lucrative company which was coming next week. He then told me not to slack off and prepare well for the next couple of days, so that I ace the interviews for this too. That pep talk put me on track again, and I slogged it out for the next couple of days.

Aptitude round for this company was tougher,and only 50 students from my batch including me made it. We had two rounds of interviews the next the day. The first interview was a technical interview. I walked in for this interview at 9:00 am, a bit nervous. Although the questions asked were difficult, I answered them well. Soon after the results were announced, and 30 of us including me were selected for the final round of interviews. I had to wait for the next interview at the venue for almost 5 hours. I had a sleepless night before, and by the time I went in for the interview, one could see “exhausted” written all over my face. What frustrated me even more was that this interview lasted only for five minutes with only three general questions. I left the interview venue crestfallen, having resigned to the fact that I won’t be selected.

But later that evening I got a call, that only 10 people from my college made it. And somehow I had made that list of ten. I was happy, not only because I had achieved something good, but also the look on my parents and grandmother’s face was priceless. 🙂 To me it felt like I had found my holy grail. 😀

3 years have passed since that day. I worked at this dream company of mine for almost a year and a half( I joined in 2012). I had received commendations for my work there. However, now I have left my job and decided to study further. As I embark on a new journey, I look forward to more proud moments in my life. However, this particular event is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “Two Jobs.

  1. Congratulations on ALL of the achievements mentioned here! I wish you the best as you move forward on your next adventure! 🙂
    ~ Angela

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